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Your financial future demands a distinguished coach.

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A Matson Money Brand Ambassador*
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About Field Freedom Advisors
  • Together with Matson Money, Field Freedom Advisors is leading the way by providing breakthrough education, tools, and coaching that helps families transform their financial futures.

  • Working together, Matson Money and Field Freedom Advisors help investors learn how investing works, discover their true purpose for money, and be disciplined and prudent over a lifetime of investing.

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We're Here For You

  • Why We Exist

    To empower families to live lives of freedom.

    Brand Mission

    We engage families with powerful conversations
    in which they can discover and experience their true American Dream.

  • Brand Vision

    A world where love is wholehearted, creativity is
    unleashed, and families are fully alive.

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Field Freedom Advisors & Matson Money

We're standing for your
American Dream

The American Dream Experience is a powerful group seminar that invites investors to consider potentially life altering truths about the empirical and behavioral dimensions of wealth accumulation. Whether you're a longstanding investor or complete financial novice, you can discover things about financial markets, and about yourself, that can empower you to make sound decisions about your financial future.

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Field Freedom Advisors is a Brand Ambassador for Matson Money. Brand Ambassadors are promoters who are current clients of or investors with Matson Money. A material conflict of interest exists due to the Brand Ambassador's relationship with Matson Money in which the Brand Ambassador receives an annual fee based on the assets under management of the Brand Ambassador's clients. To the extent this testimonial results in you establishing, or increasing the assets under management in, your account with Matson Money, the Brand Ambassador's compensation would increase. Additionally, while Matson Money has not compensated the Brand Ambassador for this testimonial Matson Money's inclusion of the Brand Ambassador in these (and similar) materials can increase brand awareness for, or enhance the reputation of, the Brand Ambassador. Please refer to the additional disclosures at the bottom of this page for further information.